Friday, January 14, 2011

Make It Stop, Already!

At first, it was kinda fun.

Then it became really funny.

And now, it's gone too far.

It's annoying.

I have received multiple emails in the last week from:
The Best Western Conference Center
Multiple photographers
Chair/Table/Silverware/Glasses/Linen Rentals
Some venue with "Fountains"
Cakes and more
Bridal Party Gifts

Cause someone who can't write clearly or doesn't know their email address attended a bridal fair in Colorado last weekend and wrote down my email address instead.

Not. Funny.

Especially when some of these people don't use professional email software with an 'unsubscribe' option.

Other recent mistaken additions to my inbox include:

  • Kathy at All-Star Dodge, who is the internet fleet manager who's giving me price quotes that I requested.
  • I am representative of the National Black Graduate Student Association in the Southeast states and am copied on lots of emails about "mixers" and other events. 
  • The lead singer of The Awake band is asking to set up an interview and promotion with their upcoming concerts (I'm a reporter?)
  • Raintree Animal Hospital appreciates my resume but doesn't have any openings at this time. 
  • Somebody at a children's shelter sent me this: "I’m soooooooooo sorry to hear of your accident. Glad you didn’t get hurt! Sorry about the inconvenience of not having a car!! I understand where you’re at!! Praying for you!! God’s gonna bless you with good transportation soon!! Stay encouraged!! Hope all is well with your mom and dad also. You know you are missed; you are a part of Newhouse!! We love you. Have a good day!"
  • Mark wants to share his location on Google Latitude.  Creepy!
  • I could write for Snob Global!  "Obviously you're a top contender. Hang tight. Meanwhile, must warn you-- blogging does not pay well.  We pay $15 an entry for minimum of 150 words.  Our writers can write 2-3 entries an hour so it does add up. However, benefits of writing for Snob Global is of course the exposure you'll receive.  Let's talk later today, what's your number?"
  • Some guy named George is called I called today; it was nice to hear my voice.  And he has wi-fi now in the SB house. 
  • Charlotte wants to know how me and the baby are doing!  And her mortgage company is getting on her nerves.  
  • Diana is so sweet! "Hey – JD is at your front door. It’s 12:05. He brought over a casserole that I made for you. No one is answering but your cars are there. I tried calling your home phone but it goes straight to voicemail. I apologize if we woke y’all. Give me a call when you feel up to it. Love - Diana"
  • This guy has emailed me soooo many times, even though I told him I'm the wrong person.  "Hi Guys, Mom told me something she REALLY wants for her birthday...for ALL of us to finish that driving course.  I'm going to try to finish my by Wed.  Can you guys do yours too?  Love...pop"

It will never end!!  Maybe I should get married so I can change my name/email address?

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Megs said...

Can I just say that I love you for including this on your blog. PS. I just read it to my coworker. We got a good laugh!

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