Monday, January 10, 2011

Swirling Around in My Head

I can't get this article out of my head.

I've already emailed several people about their reactions.  I haven't fully processed mine yet, so I'm avoiding more comment right now.  More to come.  And some very interesting responses already, that I will share (anonymously).


katilda said...

at first, i thought, "this woman reeks of bitterness." then i thought she made a couple good points about dating....not about the church. just about dating. i still think her thoughts on Gospel/eternal principles have a lingering stench of bitterness hovering. that's all on that. and it's funny - i've had that same conversation w/ some ladies recently about how the older mormon women get, the more life calls for independence...and the more that maybe scares men away. interesting concept.

Erin said...

i feel like it's not really fair for me to comment since i'm a married mommy-of-two, so i cannot fully understand how this woman might feel, although i'm certain it would be really, really hard to be a single, childless women in the LDS church (harder still to be a single guy), and i wouldn't blame someone for deciding it just wasn't for them.

at the same time, i think the LDS church is trying to be more inclusive to people who don't fit the "mold" and finding a place for everyone. which would include so many people: single adults, married people who cannot have children, people from different cultural backgrounds, working moms, the list goes on and on. we all need to do better at that. (although, feeling included at church wouldn't really fix this woman's problems of wanting a relationship, i guess.)

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