Saturday, January 21, 2006

Afternoon Tea

The Mormon version of Sex and the City has finally reconvened after a long holiday hiatus. We met up this afternoon at Teasim downtown.

Teasim - not my favorite. I don't do well with Asian food that's not Thai or Chinese. Tea - not my thing. Sushi - not my thing. Tofu noodle salad - not my thing. Niki asked why I bothered to even go! Hello! The company! I suffered for the common good. Nothing on the menu sounded the least bit appetizing, but I managed to pay 10 bucks for something. Next time, I'll veto any Teaism vote.

Today's hilarious single female consenus: It's better to be a homewrecker than a spinster.
(Explanation - we get kicked out of the singles congregations upon turning 31, and have to go to a family congregation with lots of screaming children. Many married women there don't work - we're single and have nothing in common with these housewives, getting along better with the husbands of the group, discussing work issues, etc. It's only natural. And we don't like cats).

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