Sunday, January 01, 2006

From Banana Republic to Wal-mart

Going home was fantastic. Usually after 4-5 days I start going nuts, which was still a little true this time, but the last day there felt too quick. I wanted to see more people, do more things with my family, find more high school memorablia that's stored away. The town seems a bit more run down than I remember, but it's still home. I was grateful for the new Starbucks that recently opened in Ft Smith though - gave a little urban hipness once I had a cup in hand.

There are just a handful of people from high school that I've kept up with since I left, but it seems like that's changing, which makes me really happy. Thank you facebook! I had lunch with the fabulous Mimi while I was there, back at good ole Mazzio's. I went to see Jake one afternoon; we haven't spoken in a couple years. I got contact info for other people that I haven't seen in ages - I intend to follow up with them and see where life's taken them so far. Life is all about good friends. I realize we'll go in and out of touch, but I want to try my best to keep up with everyone for a little while....

The fam spent one lovely day out at our farm; the weather was perfect. Couldn't have asked for better in December. We hauled the grill out there for some chili dogs. We forgot to bring something to heat the chili in though, so we did it camp style - put the can on the grill and used some huge pliers to hold it while we dumped it on our plates. Tay and Tan had to do some work on the berry plants, and Dad convinced me to go drive the Mule to help out. He still thinks I'm coming home in June to help out with the huge berry harvest, but I think the hour I spent over break will be the extent of it. :-) He did pay me for my efforts though, rather generously. I may have to rethink a summer stint on the farm.
PS. My dad is amused that my brother and I have blogs. Today on the phone he told me that he heard through the grapevine that I quoted him on mine. He's proud of his Santa vomit comment....

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