Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bad Karma

I'm terrible. I did something awful. Rather, I failed my fellow citizens in my mission for good deed-doing. It's still bothering me.

Last week as I entered the metro station after work, I noticed a young man/teenager at the station manager booth, asking for help. I also noticed something on the ground at his feet, presumably a wallet. I was on the other side of the station, headed towards the escalator, and I thought - surely he'll see it. First step, up I go. I see the station manager and guy head across the entry way to the farecard machine. Another chance - they'll see it when they turn around! Up, up up....They turned and began walking back towards the booth - yes! they're going to see it! Suddenly the boy steers to the far left and exits the station. By the time the station manager saw the wallet on the ground, he didn't know who it belonged to. And I failed my opportunity to do a good deed. Big self kick, right then. I wanted to run after him, but I probably wouldn't have made it. I didn't even make an effort. Shame!

I'm expecting some bad karma to head my way. So far, so good. But it's coming, I know it.

1 comment:

Andre said...

I'm gonna spill coffee on you tomorrow...watch out!

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