Monday, January 02, 2006

Manic Monday

Day off. Awesome. I haven't worked a full 5 days since the week of Dec 12, and I won't again til Jan 23.

Today I:
  • dyed my hair (which is typical after a trip home). This time I went with Cinnaberry.
  • did work from home. Ugh.
  • bought E and T's wedding gift. Even though I haven't worked at Crate in 6 months, I still have a bias against Pottery Barn.
  • saw Memoirs of a Geisha with B, then had dinner at my fav, Bangkok Bistro. I'd recommend seeing it. Yes, I love the book, and of course the movie's not as good as the read. But the visuals are fantastic.
More to come about the movie. In some ways I think I'm destined to be a geisha.

1 comment:

The Equalizer said...

You would be uber hot as a geisha.

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