Friday, January 20, 2006

Hometown Delight

Today's hometown newspaper provided some entertainment as usual. This story isn't quite as good as the past two I've mentioned here, about Bigfoot and Animal Noises, but I think it's still worthy of some ridicule. Am I terrible for hating on Leflore county?

Warrants have been issued for two men accused of stealing
(why?!) from a Howe man.

"When he arrived the vehicle had several rocks on it and it was a green Ford Ranger," Duggan wrote in the affidavit. "Both suspects were on Mr. Elder's property still picking up rocks."Reportedly the land owner asked the men what they were doing and they told him they were picking up rocks.

Elder allegedly identified one of the men as Morrison, and told the deputy that he advised the men they were stealing rocks. At which point Morrison allegedly asked Elder not to call the police because he couldn't afford to get into trouble.

"He then said he didn't want no trouble he was just trying to get some money for his kids," Duggan wrote. "Then I advised him I could arrest him and he said he didn't care he would just pay the fine."

1 comment:

Miss Jumper said...

Bahaha no way, I just forwarded that same story to everyone I know. Don't you love the PDNS? I spread the bigfoot news, too! KEep your eyes peeled, oh vigilant Poteaunian!!!

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