Sunday, January 01, 2006

Fantastic Friday

Last Friday I cut outta work a tad early (shhh....) to meet up with my long lost friend Javi, who's been in Costa Rica for the last two years with Peace Corps. It's just the best feeling when you meet up with an old friend that you haven't seen in ages. We picked up right where we left off. He brought another PC friend, Ian, and after 20 minutes I swear it was like Ian and I were long lost siblings or something. I think it's rare to really meet new people that you click with right off the bat - I hope to hang on to those relationships and keep up with golden friends.

We checked out the new fab bowling alley in Chinatown, the one with a DJ and a dress code. So my kinda place. I loved everything about it. Before long, I'll be bowling in the triple digits.....

I forget what it's like to live abroad. For dinner we hit the grocery store before heading back to my place to cook. I and J were simply amazed at the offerings of my ghetto Giant. Even though they've lived in the States for 20 some years, just two away from here and they're already super adjusted to the simple life in CR. It's often harder coming back from abroad - I wish them luck as their PC time is ending. They've been living in poor remote jungles and are about to get thrown into grad school applications and job interviews, not an easy task.

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