Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekend Update

I'm still not recovered from Friday night. I really can't stay up til 6am anymore. I felt hungover yesterday, even though I don't drink. Just blah, no energy, little shaky, and didn't get outta bed til almost 3! What a pathetic waste of a beautiful Saturday. Oh well, it was a fun night out with fun people. And every DCer has to make a trip to Nation at least once. This was the first, and probably last for awhile. Reminds me why I don't hit the big club scene very often - E-raver kids up in your face with glow sticks, asking if you're rollin' tonight. Um, yeah...... Good times though, for sure. I'm glad I work with people that are fun in and out of the office. We're on some coworker togetherness kick lately, which is cool. It's nice to see them in another element.

I'm glad I took a shower yesterday, cause I had an impromptu first date. Totally outta the blue. I was in my room yesterday evening and heard a knock on our front door. Too lazy to get up, I yelled down the hall for someone else to get the door. Caro came upstairs and told me a guy was in our living room, asking for me. I was rather bewildered, so I ran quickly downstairs and saw the guy who walked me home last weekend from the Metro. He just dropped by and wanted to know if I wanted to go grab coffee or something. So we went. To me, even though a spontaneous thing, it's a rather normal occurrence to hang out with near complete strangers. I think my roommates were a little freaked when I left with a random guy, but whatever. We checked out the Warehouse in our 'hood, where I think I'll have to start hanging out more often. As for the guy, I don't really think he's my type, but it was fun enough. We'll probably hang out again and leave it at that.

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