Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dark and Frantic Transatlantic

While flying back from Utah a few weeks ago I tuned into the inflight entertainment radio - it's usually pretty decent and a good way to find new music. In this case I discovered old music that I own, so the other night I dug out some Pet Shop Boys to get reacquainted.

I want someone to sing this song to me when I move to London:
So my baby’s on the road
Doing business, selling loads
Charming everyone there
With the sweetest smile

Oh tonight, I miss you
Oh tonight, I wish you
Could be here with me
But - I won’t see you
Till you’ve made it back again
Home and dry
Home and dry

There’s a plane at JFK
To fly you back, from far away
All those dark, and frantic
Transatlantic miles

I really need to quit with all these song lyrics as of late. Many of them just stand out though; can't help it. It's time to hit Europe for a long weekend, clear my head. I think it would do me good, those dark and frantic transatlantic miles.

And with that, buenas noches. Another day survived. I shall sleep til the next wakes me.

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