Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Winds of Change

This morning went from hail and snow flurries to clear sunshine in a matter of 10 minutes. Where'd that come from?

I ran into a friend from Georgetown today in CoHi; turns out he teaches math at the school where I tutor. That's what I love about this city and it's one reason I can't leave yet. There are always people around that I know, and I do manage to run into them from time to time. My network is wide and the city is small. I can't give that up!

After work I swung by H&M quickly. I have forgotten how great it is. Always new Euro styles, and nearly everything is 29.90 or less! Why don't I do all my shopping there instead of blowing a ton at BR? Lot of fun pieces that are worth experimentation, which is what I did today. I tried on a few pieces that aren't things I'd normally wear, and I ended up buying one. We'll try it out later in the week to gather opinions...... Different is good.

I also grabbed a bracelet at H&M - again, very out of the ordinary for me. As I was in line to pay, I realized that one of the beads had a chip in it. First instinct was to head back upstairs to grab a different one. I immediately thought of all the fussy customers that I helped at Crate and Barrel when I worked there; one tiny, unrecognizeable scratch in the bottom of a handblown glass bowl was enough to demand a new one. They sought utter perfection. In that instant I decided to keep my blemished bracelet. Perfection doesn't exist - maybe in a machine-manufactured piece of jewelry occasionally, but never in anything real or of true importance. How can I expect it of something/someone else when I will never reach it? Our shortcomings make us unique, and can bring us together when we share them. That's something I'm not good at. Perhaps today's purchase of damaged goods is a step in the right direction.

Lovin' the first CB2 catalog that just came in the mail. Working at CB has ruined me - I notice their stuff on tv shows, in commericals, in the newspaper, and every change of season I want to redecorate my house and add new pieces to the mix. If I had room I'd get a new sofa! New dishes! More candleholders! A new bed! I love furniture. I'd better live in a big house someday. And I'd better have full jurisdiction over putting things in it.

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Andre said...

Uh oh...sounds like someone is bout to be the furniture nazi when she gets hitched! lol

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