Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Black Out

I got off the metro tonight, 3 blocks from my house and started the usual stroll home. For background, my 'hood is a tad on the sketchy side and lately hasn't had a whole lot of people out and about. There's been an uptick of muggings in the area, so I've been a little freaked out the past few months. At this point I think I'm very mentally prepared to be mugged - I expect it any day. That's not an invitation for such a thing, but I'd be willing to bet I'd handle it well. When I get off the metro, I try to stay in a group of people walking my direction, with my valuables tucked into deep inside pockets and keys in my hand. I'm probably a bit paranoid, but whatever.

Tonight was no exception. However I noticed large masses of people coming towards the metro. Hmmm....okay.... But there were several groups. Rather unusual. I kept walking..... by the time I got a block and a half from home I knew something wasn't right. Then I noticed how black it was. 5th street eastward - totally. pitch. black. Can we say eerie?

No street lights. Completely darkened houses. Not even cars around to share a bit of light. Totally black with a mass exodus.

I wasn't about to walk into the abyss alone, so I turned around, called B and went to his place. I'm a fraidy cat. Plus, the power can't be out when LOST is coming on! That's a necessity on Wednesdays.

Thank you JJ and Cast for a good, solid, awesome episode tonight. I'm still reeling....Light 'em up! Totally caught me off guard, though apparently that scene was in the commericals? I'm glad I didn't see it in previews, cause it blew me away tonight. Sweetness. Keep up the good work.

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