Friday, January 20, 2006

What a Way to Start a Morning

Thurday morning around 6:30 I woke up to a knock on my bedroom door, accompanied by a sad, strained voice - "Can you drive me to the hospital?" I stumbled outta bed, opened the door and saw Caro on the floor, crouched down, head bent over. I started to panic for a second, then heard that it wasn't a total life and death matter, just really horrific back pain. She had crawled to my room after waiting 2 hours to wake me up. Poor girl!

Of course I would drive her to the hospital. But wait, her car is a stick. And I don't drive stick. Hmm.... I figured I was up for the challenge though. My first HS bf actually taught me in his truck when I was 15, on those days that we skipped class and drove around back roads (and driving was ALL we did - don't go getting any ideas). I mean, hey, I managed to drive my brother's truck around the block once in 2001, just to see if I could still do it. That should be good enough, right?

By no means am I a natural, but I got us across town to the Georgetown ER (yeah, we live right by Howard. But scary!) during morning rush hour, to the pharmacy, home, back to the pharmacy, and to the DC courthouse, since Caro had jury duty. I only stalled 3 times, 2 of which were in a parking lot so they don't count. Not too bad.....

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