Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Mishaps

Yep, I've got a case of the Mondays.
  • Woke up late.
  • Cold shower. Not the usual luke warm. It was COLD.
  • Left office key at home. Had to track down people to let me in.
  • Spilled yogurt on pants while trying to open it.
  • New lamp I bought on Saturday cracked on the trip to work.
  • Tons of work to do.
  • People coming over tonight. I'm in no mood to be social.
  • News of another friggin friend getting married (not the ones I mentioned yesterday).
  • I want something I can't have. And I've always gotten everything I wanted.
The one happy thought:
The new Train song - Cab. I'm not a huge Train fan, but this song impresses me and serves as a reminder that life does get better after bad times (and really, my times aren't bad at all. I'm a lucky one - I know that).

New York snow this time of year
There’s nothing more beautiful to me
Except for you
Making my way on the town and down seeing familiar places,

In my pile of coffee grounds
The days are better, the nights are still so lonely
Sometimes I think I’m the only cab on the road

This new rhythm I pursue
Is just my getting over you
Telling myself that I need to
The days are better, the nights are still so lonely

I’m still looking for a play no one said that it was fair
To be alone

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