Sunday, January 29, 2006

Smells Like College

I feel like I should be heading to good ole Lauinger tonight, a place I didn't visit enough in college. It's a typical Sunday night when I should lock myself away til 2am to prep for the week. I'm getting stressed. And what am I doing about it? Not ticking things off my to-do list, that's for sure. Instead I'm listening to old Sarah McLachlan and baking cookies. I'm finding it rather therapeutic.

Lots going on at work. Last week and this upcoming week. I've got to climb out from underneath the pile that's building. Must chip away at that later tonight.
I feel like I could be getting a cold - you know the dry scratchy throat that doesn't go away no matter how many liquids you're consuming? I've had about 14 glasses of OJ today, hoping that it staves off any illness. I can't get sick. I just can't.
A roommate decided to host a church thing at our house tomorrow night. I didn't really want to get too involved, but they're we're sorta slacking on inviting people and getting food, so I'm trying to remedy that situation.
W2's are rolling in. Tax time. I'm praying like mad that I don't owe anything. Last year my federal refund was $7. Cut way too close for comfort.
Bills - my own and the house bills that I take care of. Why did stamps have to freaking go up? I can't send off our checks without hunting down 2 cent ones.....
Rent is due. Blech. The stamp thing comes into play again. I don't have time to hit up a post office, and the ATM that sells them has been out of order for a couple days.
Strained/confusing relationships at the moment. Always fun to deal with. But that's what makes life fun and interesting, right?

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